5 Tips to Ace Your Online Assessment Centre

As a job seeker, the recruitment process can be daunting and overwhelming. One of the most common stages in this process is an online assessment center. This stage requires careful preparation to make sure you are successful and stand out from other candidates.

If you have never used an online platform, that can be a bit daunting itself. Hopefully, the employer has chosen Talenscio as the individual agendas make it easy to join the right activity at the right time, with all the briefing notes and materials for each session being easily accessible.

But there are other factors to consider. So, whichever platform is being used, here are some tips on how to prepare for an online assessment center as part of the recruitment process:

1. Research the Company & Role in Detail.

Before the online assessment, research the company you’re interviewing for to become familiar with their culture, values, and noteworthy news. Read up on any recent reports or content generated by the organisation to be more prepared. Additionally, spend some time reading up and preparing answers based on the role you applied for – providing examples of your past accomplishments and experiences can help strengthen the points you make throughout your assessment centre.

2. Prepare for Common Tests & Exercises.

Many online assessment centres include tests and exercises to assess the core skills and competencies of applicants. Doing your research in advance will give you an idea of what may be asked, allowing you to prepare for any common tasks or questions. Make sure you also practice completing such tests within the time limit that is given since many virtual assessments have a strict time limit. Knowing how to work quickly yet accurately can give you an edge over other candidates.

3. Optimise Your Technology Set-Up.

Ensure all technology is working correctly prior to starting by checking things such as audio levels on headphones/microphone and ensuring internet connection speed is optimised – especially if video interviewing forms part of the experience!

Arranging your workstation and technology set-up before the assessment is crucial so you can avoid any last-minute issues. Double check that your computer is up to date with adequate video and audio capabilities while having both a stable internet connection and reliable power sources.

Additionally, make sure that your internet connection is stable, your camera is perfectly placed in a bright spot facing you, and there’s no background noise that could distract you during the process.

If using Talenscio, please visit the Talenscio Candidate Welcome page for FAQs that will help you before your centre.

4. Dress appropriately

Even though this may be virtual setting dress professionally just like any other job application; first impressions still count even through screens!

5. Manage Your Time and Stay Focused Throughout the Process.

Proper time management is crucial to nailing any online assessment centre. Make sure you know the total duration of the process, as well as individual time limits for each phase and question. If you’re struggling with a problem, move on and come back to it at the end—the key is not to get stuck on one question and lose track of the time. And most importantly, stay focused throughout! To achieve this, turn off notifications on your devices, remove any objects that can distract you from the task, and take regular breaks when possible.

Ready to ace it now?

Following these steps should give you more confidence going into an online assessment center knowing that you have done everything possible ahead off time, allowing yourself plenty of room & opportunity to demonstrate why they should hire YOU!!

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