Recruit faster, fairer and at lower cost with the paperless Assessment Centre Platform

Virtual and In-Person, paperless assessment platform for Assessment Centres, Development Centres and 1-2-1 Interviews; saving time, money and helping to support ED&I.
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What can Talenscio do for us?

Observe candidates in real-life scenarios, assessing their interpersonal skills and teamwork. Gauge their problem-solving abilities and how effectively they utilise available resources. This is in addition to any activities you wish to utilise, such as multiple-choice quizzes, written assessments, presentations, or interviews, all conveniently accessible within the platform.

Faster recruitment

Through simplified scheduling and candidate management, reducing the impact on time for all involved. The data & reports pulled from a platform allow efficient evaluation and decision making.

Fairer assessment

Through provision of accessibility options, standardisation of assessment approach, and data driven decision making. Plus, increased inclusivity through location, time and cost barriers being removed.

Lower cost

Through reduction of travel and logistical expenses, reduced time to participate, reduced administrative costs, time efficiency and scalability, more users can be accommodated in a single session.
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Save time and money

Save time and money assessing potential and existing talent.
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Easy to use

Anyone can use Talenscio, the easiest platform to use.
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Protect your data

Ensure your processes are data protection compliant.
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Personal touch

Make virtual recruitment a more personal experience.
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Logistical dream

Reduce travel time and increase availability by going virtual.
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Tailored solution

Speak to one of our experts to find out how we can extend the options.

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Used and Trusted Across the World

Talenscio is used by some of the world’s leading companies from a wide variety of sectors, including:
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Francisco - Talenscio candidate (USA)

"The opportunity to interact and participate in the exercises with fellow candidates made the process very engaging and dynamic, giving us all a chance to show our abilities in a unique way. This was my first experience doing an assessment centre and did not know what to expect going into the day, but after going through it, I can say I overall enjoyed the process and found it to be very effective.​​​​​​​"

Naomi - HR Advisor (UK)

"It was an amazing experience to get full support and guidance for something that was our first time conducting. The feedback has been good from other managers and we have secured candidates to join our business as a result of the platform."

Sara - Senior Recruiter (UK)

"As a recruiter for over 15 years, Talenscio is by far the easiest and most flexible assessment platform I have used. The savings in time and logistics costs have provided positive RoI in less than a few months"

A great candidate and assessor experience

Talenscio is an online recruitment platform with a clear purpose: we want to make assessing your current and future talent as easy and effective as possible.

Assessment centres are used by employers to understand the behaviours and capabilities of potential new recruits or current employees. Going virtual saves time, money and the planet!
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The best F2F alternative

As our world becomes more and more digital, we want to make sure your recruitment team can benefit from the ease that technology provides without compromising on the experience or outcomes of face-to-face centres on assessment day.

Talenscio is designed to be as good, or better, than face to face assessments. Bringing together technology and an expertise in talent assessment, Talenscio is an all-in-one solution for online interviews, virtual assessment centres and digital development centres.
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People are the biggest asset to your business, so it’s critical to get recruitment, training and development right.

We know that you need a virtual solution that is easy to set up and use, and still puts rigour behind your processes. Talenscio’s user-driven features help to maintain robust processes while still giving candidates, delegates and assessors a great experience.

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Take your assessments online to save money, time and improve data security. A 30 minute demo can show you how easy Talenscio is to use and can answer your questions.
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