Talenscio excels in delivering comprehensive, user-friendly, and customisable online assessment centres.

The ideal choice for any organisation looking to streamline their hiring process.

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Introduction to Talenscio

Welcome to Talenscio, your premier solution for virtual assessment centres. In today's competitive hiring landscape, selecting the right platform is crucial. This page will help you compare Talenscio with top competitors, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Core Features

Customisable Assessments
No Fixed Term Contracts
Live Centre Tech Support
Don’t Pay For No shows
Video Interview Integration
Real-Time Analytics
Multilingual Platform
Video Interview Integration
Integration with your systems
GDPR compliance
Protect intellectual property
2-factor authentication
Feedback Packs & Dashboards
Free Test Centre
'In-platform' Live Chat
Customisable scoring System
Interactive Whiteboards
Flexible Pricing

Why choose Talenscio for your assessment centres?

Assess top talent globally

Prioritising benchmarking over comparisons, Talenscio facilitates fair and tailored assessments through a customisable scoring system. By allowing assessors to record observations efficiently and align with company preferences, we help optimise businesses' decision-making processes.
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Save money

Talenscio is easily accessible to your team, and candidates from anywhere and at any time. Our dynamic pricing ensures you only pay for what you use, saving you money when experiencing candidate dropouts and changes.
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Save time

We eliminate recruitment inefficiencies and wasted travel time. With Talenscio, participants can join from anywhere, worldwide, requiring only their allotted time slot when joining virtually, with time zone adjustment.
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Easy to use

Our platform is user-friendly for businesses running assessment centres. It's flexible and customisable, with an interface that's easy for administrators, facilitators, assessors, and candidates to use.
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Dedicated support

You can count on us to maximise your experience. Our support sites offer helpful guides, FAQs, and a smart search tool. Plus, you can talk to experts from Talenscio whenever you need to, through live chat, email, or phone.
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Support inclusivity

We’re committed to breaking down interview barriers by addressing discomfort or travel limitations. Plus, features like accessibility adjustment profiles enhance inclusivity and foster equal opportunities for all.
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Improve employer brand

Boost your recruitment efforts through personalised interactions and intuitive assessment tools, leaving a positive, lasting impression and enhancing your reputation.


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5 Star customer satisfaction

Talenscio excels in delivering a comprehensive, user-friendly, and customisable virtual assessment solution. With superior customer support and advanced features which can save you time and money, Talenscio is the ideal choice for organisations looking to streamline their hiring process. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a demo.

Request a Demo

Take your assessments digital to save money, time and improve data security. A 30 minute demo can show you how easy Talenscio is to use and can answer your questions.
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It was an amazing experience to get full support and guidance for something that was our first time conducting. The feedback has been good from other managers and we have secured candidates to join our business as a result of the platform.
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Integral videoconferencing

Utilise in-built video calls for 1-2-1 and group activities, in mutliple groups or collective rooms. Record calls to review after the live sessions.
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Branded and personalised

The whole portal has editable elements that can be branded for your business. These include adding your logo, welcome pages that can contain your text, images and videos, using your colours for the agenda, uploading your activity briefs and uploading your competencies (including positive and negative indicators).
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